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We would like to introduce TrustyFi Track – A Smartphone-based Asset Tracking and Optimization System for small and medium businesses like yours. As per our research, small and medium businesses face the following problems:
  1. Inability to track the items sent to different sites (e.g., consumables and non- consumables)
  2. Project managers and other employees can’t find the list of projects in progress and their status in one go.
  3. Items go missing from the project sites or they are not returned back to factory/warehouse.
  4. Inefficient asset allocation and utilization, leading to losses and unnecessary blocking of working capital.
  5. No accountability for lost or misplaced items. All of these lead to monetary losses and the need to stock more items than required.
We can help you take care of these issues by providing:
  1. Asset Tracking – Track your assets and increase accountability in your workforce.
  2. Inventory Management – Manage your inventory in your warehouse and at different project sites.
  3. Project Management – Quickly understand the status of your projects within seconds.
Benefits of TrustyFi Track:
  1. Visible cost savings and productivity increase.
  2. No capital expenditure – Pay as you go.
  3. Customer friendly sales and support team will get you on-boarded quickly and without much hassles.

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