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Rain water harvesting / Borewell recharge pits

Rain Water Harvesting / Borewell Recharge Pits

Rainwater harvesting is an innovative technique utilized to harvest rainwater from roofs and other above surfaces to be stored for later use. It is filtered and then pumped directly to the appliances or to a header tank. It is important to do so since drinking water is not easily renewable and it helps in reducing wastage. Rainwater harvesting is the most effective method of water conservation.
Recharge pit allows the rainwater to replenish groundwater. It can be built to recharge a borewell or just to help the water infiltration in an area. The rainwater is collected at the surface before it is lost as surface run off. Rainfall has a direct impact on the local water table, which may immediately impact your residential well if it is supplied by shallow aquifers.

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